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Human Media Interaction course - project


Babbelbord is an high-fidelity prototype of an interactive board game designed for people affected by mild-moderate dementia.
The end goal of Babbelbord is to stimulate conversation about past memories (reminiscence) between these two target groups. It has been discovered that using reminiscence can have a positive impact on cognition, mood, and behavior of elderly with dementia.


Relatives get progressively disconnected from their beloveds, tending to visit them less due to an increasingly difficult interaction. They do not know what to say during a conversation. A different experience but with the same result is lived by caretakers. Sometimes they have some difficulties in starting a conversation or keeping it for long time due to a lack of acquaintance with the subject affected by dementia.

Personal tasks:

Literature research – Benchmark – Interviews – Observation – Storyboard – Low fidelity prototyping – Usability Test – Wireframes – Design and realization of the board game for laser cutter


Paolo Cristoforetti
Alessandro Capra
Wesley Lam
Carmen Burghardt

Note: Below some photos of our project

DateSeptember 2017 – January 2018