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Affective Computing course - proposal and presentation


Inèru is an interactive system for self-regulation of emotions designed for children. It is a smartwatch equipped with sensors and able to detect variations of physiological parameters caused by emotional changes. A feedback will be given to children with an interactive and engaging hologram that will work according to the biofeedback method. Biofeedback will help children to modulate and regulate negative emotions.


Nowadays, technology is everywhere and the number of users is increasing, especially young users. What is the impact of technology and mobile device on children? Not always is good! Indeed, an intensive use of mobile technology in very young children can influence the development of interpersonal relationship and the modulation of their emotions.

Personal tasks:

  • Literature research
  • Benchmarking


Paolo Cristoforetti
Paola Rampelotto
Elena Guastamacchia

Note: Below our research proposal and afterwards, our presentation power point

DateFebruary – April 2017