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HCI course - Critical Design project

Note: On the left the link for the video concept while below a summary of the idea


The project aimed to design an interactive system in order to face a society issue. Eventually, the various projects were used to exploit the concept of Critical Design.


In Italy, the distance between citizens and Institutions/politicians are becoming bigger and bigger.
Nowadays, politics belong to few people and citizens feel like dominated by a society which doesn’t represent them. It also happens that citizens have a good idea for their society but they do not have any clue how to make their thoughts heard by other citizens but also by their politicians. Therefore, The Voice aims to fill this gap by bringing politics back to the time it belonged to people and not to just a few of them.

Personal tasks:

  • Design critique
  • Brainstorming


Paolo Cristoforetti
Samuel Giacomelli
Luca Parolo

DateSeptember – November 2016