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Start Up Lab

Note: On the left the link for my 1-minute-presentation of Flipqed to present and convince other students to join me. Below a picture of my pitch in the final plus our poster.

What is Start-Up Lab?

The Start-Up Lab (SUL) is a hands-on interdepartmental Lab on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. SUL is an innovative learning experience focused on customer centric creativity, idea generation, business idea optimization and pitching. It is finalized to develop innovative products/services which can, eventually, turn into a start-up. Eventually, we pitch before an international jury during the SUL Demoday.


Flipqed is an app for smartwatch to aid dyslexic with time management. The app is a sort of daily calendar to show current activity and future activities, having a function of a reminder which will deliver information in a visual and tactile way, through the screen and a vibration.


General time management is challenging for a dyslexic. It is difficult to predict how long a task shall take. Causes can be becoming distracted, forgetting what needs to be done, seeing other task that need doing and switching to those before the primary task is completed. This can make it very difficult for instance, to arrive on time to an event or to meet a project deadline.


  • I was the founder and leader of Flipqed
  • Flipqed is a dyslexic friendly app to plan and manage your daily life
  • Three months later, on the 29th of May we passed the semifinal with other 11 teams on a total of 24.
  • On the 30th of May we did not win the competition but, for sure, we learnt a lot.

Personal tasks:

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaire
  • Benchmarking


Paolo Cristoforetti
Luca Lo Presti
Davide Riggio
Elisa Giuliano
Giovanni Toso

DateMarch – May 2018