Paolo Cristoforetti — UX Researcher | UX Designer | Interaction Designer | UI Designer

User Centered Design course - Project


The purpose of the project was to promote the HCI master of the University of Trento in an original, alternative and innovative way.

Our idea consisted of two informative booklets. Indeed, according to user research we found two possible users which brought us to divide the experience in:

  • Traditional: a booklet aimed to show clear and easy to understand information based on responses to questionnaire.
  • Modern: an interactive item. Playful, intuitive and engaging using AR.

To generate our idea we started with benchmarking, interviews, brainstorming, prototyping and subsequently, the professor of the course run a design critique sessions with the entire class for the projects.

Personal tasks:

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaire
  • Design and Prototyping one booklet
  • Testing


Paolo Cristoforetti
Victor Corral
Davide Lissoni

Note: Below the presentation power point of the project with the final result of the AR.

DateSeptember – November 2016